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Kyvio Review and Exclusive Coupons

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Hi and welcome to my review of Kyvio.

What exactly is Kyvio?

As you’ll see below, Kyvio is an "all in one" platform for membership sites, as well as an amazing page builder and also auto responder software.
All 3 in one platform?


I really like "in the cloud" platforms such as these "
No need for backups
No conflicting plug-ins to worry about on your WordPress website
No complicated themes, codes and html
No fear of malware, DDOS and all the other cr*p that you might get online
There is also all the things you need to run successful campaigns like scarcity tools (bars, timers, optin in pages), amazing templates….etc.
I’m hooked, which is why I use Kyvio for the majority of my marketing needs.
Get Access to Kyvio and Exclusive Coupons
Here is what this Kyvio launch will include "

Key Feature List:

Create unlimited pages per funnel Create pages using drag and drop Builder Preview and edit you site using Mobile live editor You get up to 100,000 visitors per month Automatically build mobile responsive pages Use 200+ DFY funnel pages Easily track conversions on your dashboard In-built split-testing Editable GDPR cookie bar Pre-installed SSL certificates Create popups and hello bar easily Download pages as HTML Integrate WordPress with Kyvio plugin Save pages as templates Reset page statistics Integrate 3rd party scripts (like FB pixels)


Brand your membership site however you want! Auto-generate password when someone signs up Enable manual registration Sell or give products away for free Send a confirmation email when someone signs up Collect as many details as you need on the sign up form Set up multiple price levels (including free) Select landing pages right from WITHIN Kyvio Register customers to your autoresponder list Register customers to a webinar Give customers access to additional products automatically Add unlimited content and pages Manage members from a single dashboard


Connect your own SMTPs " mail as much as you want! Blacklist email addresses, bad domains and IP addresses Allow unsubscribers to re-subscribe to the same list Block “role-based" email addresses from subscribing Create forms for all lists to collect leads (making Kyvio list builder compatible with ALL opt-in form creators) Send broadcasts and autoresponder series Create multiple email templates for future use Personalize your email with 10+ different tags Segment people based on what emails they open or don’t open; and what links they click and don’t click. Automate subscriber actions such as moving people to different lists, or copying them over…all based on their behavior. Clean up lists based on who’s engaged or not

Front End:
Kyvio Anniversary Special " available at either monthly plan, or one-time access (for 1 year or 2 year). We are not doing lifetime deals because we haven’t done those for over 15 months. Kyvio has been selling (and growing) with average sale value at $69 per month (or $697 per year), and that’s why we are offering an amazing deal to your customers.

$49 per month
$297 (12 month access) or
$497 (24 month access)

Prices will vary based on coupons and scarcity. But that’s the general ballpark.

Here’s what each plan contains:
Access to Smart Funnels
Access to 300+ Templates
Create Upto 100 Active Funnels
100,000 Unique Visitors
Access to HTML Downloads
Access to In-built Split-Testing
Access to Smart Memberships
Create Upto 100 Products
Add Upto 10,000 Members
Access Drip-Feed
Access Quiz Tracking
Access Smart Mailer
Add Upto 10,000 Contacts
Access Automation
Access Segmentation
Access Integrations
Access to 5-Figure Smart Academy
Create Upto 10 Unique Custom Domains
24/7 Heroic Support (8/5 support for monthly plan)
Free Kyvio T-shirt (only at $497 plan)
Unlimited 1-on-1 Support Calls (at $297 and $497 plan)

Upgrade 1:

Double Your Limits

Simple yet powerful upgrade. Get "MORE OF" what you just bought in the main offer.
This upgrade offers ability to:
Build 100 additional funnels
Add 100,000 Unique Visitors to your limits
Add 10,000 extra contacts
Add 10,000 extra members
Priced at $197,

Upgrade 2:

100 DFY Products and Funnels

It is part of a webinar offer we’ve sold in past, where we offer 100 DFY lead magnets, 100 DFY products, 100 DFY funnels and 300 (3×100) DFY emails. This has sold amazingly well on webinars at $697, and now we are bringing it to this launch as an upgrade.
$197, Downsell contains 50 of each of the assets shared above. $97.
Kyvio Review and Exclusive Coupons

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